Summer Camp FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age groups for camp?

Our camps are organized into 3 age groups so all chefs team up with their peers. They are: Tiny Chefs ages 4-6, Lil’ Chefs ages 7-9, Teen Chefs ages 10 & up

PLEASE NOTE: Children are divided by age. If you are signing up with a friend – your child, based on the ticket that is purchased, may not be in the same kitchen or group as his or her friend.

Is my child mature enough for this camp?
Your child needs to have developed fine motor skills and the ability to follow directions. For our Tiny Chefs ages 4-6,  we use time fillers because our little ones get tired of cooking for 3 hours and/or it is difficult to keep their attention for this long time period. As such, our Chefs will play games or let our Tiny Chefs color or play other food-related games to finish our time.
Is my registration refundable / ticket transferrable?
FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE – All Sales are final. While there are no refunds, you can reschedule for another camp, if space permits. A $10 transfer fee will be charged per student per camp.
Will the menu remain as advertised?
Menu items are subject to change without notice based on available ingredients.
If my child is attending a Chocolate or Baking camp, will other non-sweet food be provided?

No additional lunch/food will be provided during these weeks. Please pack a nut-free snack for your child, since most/all recipes are sweet. These camps include the following:

  • Week 4 – Chocolate
  • Week 8 – Baking
What if my child has food allergies?

We are a NUT-FREE facility ONLY – but do use seeds and coconut.

Our recipes include gluten, dairy, eggs, fresh herbs, and spices as well as protein dishes. We do not offer an alternative for gluten, dairy or eggs. Your child will get a chance to eat everything he or she makes so you are responsible for bringing your child’s food allergy/intolerance to our attention.

During the registration process, you will have the opportunity to list this information on your registration form. When registering, please answer these questions:
— If your child cannot consume a certain product, can they touch it? Can they be around it?
— If your child is allergic to eggs, can he or she consume it in a baked good?

Please consider the menu being created on class day and if you have any questions about the ingredients, please feel free to contact our learning center at 949-679-8390.

How do you handle food allergies?
We will ensure the safety of your child and make sure they do not consume something they are allergic to. This being said, we cook/bake with real butter, eggs, dairy, pork products and meat. We will allow the child to take home to other family members, but we will not make any accommodations.
How do you handle a student that cannot consume pork or beef?
When we can, we will omit this product from your child’s serving when there is something individual being made like quiches. We do not substitute products but omit when we can. For Vegetarians, we will have our Junior chef class make vegetarian versions when we can. For Vegetarians who do not consume eggs,  please specify this. Keep in mind that most of our dishes each day will contain egg. Please call to ask for recipe ingredients since we do not replace egg for any other products.
Is there a lunch break for all-day camps?
Your child will get a 45 minute to 1 hour lunch break. The kids get to eat everything they make. If your child is a picky eater or doesn’t care for the food, then please pack a nut-free lunch. We will provide an afternoon snack – again kids are making their own food. If your child brings their own snack, please make it a nut-free.
Can my child bring food home?
This has always been the case. However, due to Covid-19 precautions this year, food will not be sent home.Yes, please bring a plastic container to camp each day for your child to put their leftover food in.
What should my child wear to camp?
All children need to wear closed toed shoes and hair back off their face.  Your child can wear comfortable clothing.  Please keep in mind if your child doesn’t wear closed-toed shoes, they will not be allowed to use a sharp knife (ages 10+) or be at our stoves helping stir or adding ingredients. This means little participation especially for children 7 years and older.
What should my child bring to camp?

Please bring a water bottle with your child’s name on it and a plastic container for leftover food. If your child is 4 years-old, please bring a change of clothes in a plastic bag labeled with their name for the week and take home on Friday.

Your child can bring a snack. All snacks need to be NUT FREE since we are a nut free facility.

How early can I drop my child off before camp starts?
You may arrive NO MORE THAN 10 minutes early for check in and you MUST stay with your child until the start of camp.
Can I stay with my child during camp?
Our camp is drop off/pick up only.  We do not have the space for parents to stay and watch. We also find parents/siblings can be distracting to your child, other children and for our Chefs.  If your child cannot be dropped off, then they may be too young to stay at camp for an extended period of time.
What if I am late picking up my child after camp ends?
Any guardian who is late picking up their child will be charged $50 for every 10-minute increment upon completion of the camp unless we are notified of the tardiness ahead of time. If you need to pick up your child up to 1/2 hour after camp ends, see the next FAQ for guidance.
Do you offer early drop-off and late pick-up for an extra fee?
Yes, we offer early drop-off at 8:30 am for $15 per child, and late pick-up until 1:00 pm for $15 per child. You can pay for this extra service at registration. If you are late picking up your child beyond 1 pm, you will be charged $50 for every ten minutes you are late. Please respect our policy.
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