Pasta All’uovo Fatta in Casa – Homemade Pasta

Pasta All’uovo Fatta in Casa – Homemade Pasta

Yield: Makes 6 dinner servings


  • 2 cups flour plus ½ cup reserved
  • 3 large eggs


In a large bowl, measure the 2 cups of flour and create a well.

Break three eggs into a small bowl, making sure that no bits of egg shell are included.

Pour the eggs into the well in the flour.

With a fork, carefully pull the flour from the walls into the center, gradually mixing the flour and egg.

When the mixture becomes less of a sticky mess, knead the mixture into a ball. Knead until well mixed and firm but not sticky. Divide the dough into 6 small balls, about the size of a large golf ball.

Start your pasta bike with the rollers at that widest setting. Run one dough ball through the rollers about six times on the widest setting, folding the pasta top to bottom or side to side between each run. (If dough gets sticky, flour your hands and pat the dough.) Continue to run the dough through the rollers with ever diminishing settings, changing the settings after each run and omitting the folding, until you reach the desired setting. (If making spaghetti or fettuccini, dough will pass through the thin or thinnest setting. If making another form of pasta, follow specific recipe directions.)

Cut into desired pasta shape. Pile loosely on wax paper until you are ready to throw it into the pot.

Cook pasta for about 4 minutes, when it floats to the top it is finished.


Equipment Needed:

Large mixing bowl, Small mixing bowl, Fork, Measuring cups and Spoons, Pasta bike, Colander.

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